“It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely.
One must seek the truth within – not without.”

Hercule Poirot

About us…

Pinchen helps all kinds of clients transform their businesses through digital experiences. We start with objectives and requirements, then design and develop brilliant products for connected devices.


Wireframe & Prototype

We wireframe your projects and create a prototype so you can have the look and feel of your definitive app.



Every project is designed in house so you get the closest design support possible for less cost.


Crystal clear

We love surprises but not when it comes to invoicing. You keep a crystal clear view on the cost of your project.



We specialise in iOS, web & print but we offer so much more. If we are not 100% sure we mastered it we will hire an expert for your project.


Flavourful ideas

We love to spice things up with a pinch of humour, love and whatever it needs.


The full package

Our service includes a full implementation, manuals, training if needed and support for as long as needed.

Our services


Meet Tapp, our Theme based App solution that will rock your projects. It is based on one simple idea: “let us not reinvent sliced bread when we don’t have to”.

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Double tapp

Sometimes you need that extra touch to make it click… Enter “Double tapp” where we create a website, an app and make them communicate seamlessly.

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Swipe is our fully customised service and focuses on the creation of very specific applications and/or custom made modules.

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Let’s meet

For most questions, an invoice, more information, a good joke or just to hang out and have a beer…

Please contact us:

  • +32 (0) 495 94 36 55

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